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LECTURE 167 基本動詞TAKE 16






LECTURE 167 基本動詞TAKE 16


1. take sth. on faith ** 毫不懷疑地相信,堅信

解 習語;詞義溯源:對某事[毫不懷疑地、信任地(on faith)]接受

例 Rule No. 1: Never take a car salesman's word on faith. Verify everything he says about the car, the financing and the guarantee. Remember, car salesmen make their living by making you feel good about the car they show you.

2. take sth. on the chin ** 忍受(責罰或痛苦);失敗

解 習語;詞義溯源:從[下巴、要害處(on the chin)]拿走某物;sth. 大多用it替代

例 Look, Bob, that's just the way it is in this school. Certain students will always get preferential treatment because their parents are influential members of the community or wealthy donors to the school. It'll do no good to make a fuss over this. I know you should have gotten the leading role in the play, but...just take it on the chin and do your best you can in the role they gave you. Keep a stiff upper lip and do the best. Okay?

3. take sth. out on sb. or sth. *** 出氣,發泄

解 短語動詞;詞義溯源:將(憤怒或恐懼)花費在某人或某事[上(on)]

例 The worst thing you could do now is take your frustration out on the children. I suggest you go out and take a long walk and think about what's really important in your life. If you have to get it out of your system , go to the gymnasium and punch the punching bag for a while.

4. take sth. to heart ** 認真關注;對…耿耿于懷

解 習語;詞義溯源:[用心地、認真地(heart)]對待某事

例 If you had taken your mother's criticism to heart instead of feeling offended by it, you wouldn't have made a mess of your life. She offered constructive criticism and you were too proud to accept it.

5. take sth. up / take up sth. *** 著手(研究、工作等);采取(態度);將衣服改短

解 短語動詞;詞義溯源:將某事或某物拿[上(up)]去

例 Congress is expected to take up the health care legislation when they return to Washington after the Labor Day holidays. President Clinton is still vowing to push the legislation through this year.


(A) take...on faith

(B) take...on the chin

(C) take...out on

(D) take...to heart

(E) take...up

1. A: When can we begin to deal with next year's budget? B: Let's ______ that ______ on Friday at the staff meeting, okay?

2. A: The agent says the passage is safe for our soldiers to use. We have no way of verifying it. My question to you is whether we should accept it as true although we have no evidence of it. B: How long has this agent been working for us? You're asking me whether we can ______ his assurance ______ when I don't know anything about this man. Who is he? How did we come to hire him?

3. A: You would do well to ______ the minister's sermon ______. B: It's hard for me to be greatly influenced by the advice or criticism of the minster when everybody knows he has a mistress and is fond of drinking.

4. A: His father releases his anger or frustration by abusing Michael. He hits him, yells at him or treats him terribly to make himself feel better. B: If I were Michael, I'd fight back. I wouldn't let him ______ it ______ me.

5. A: The environment minister's decision is going to cost this company at least $2 million in new pollution control devices. We could protest, but I suggest we just ______ it ______. B: Yeah, just accept it bravely without complaining or causing trouble over it. That's a lot better for our company's image—we'll endure it.


1. (E)

2. (A)

3. (D)

4. (C)

5. (B)


I. 1. 規則1:永遠不要對汽車銷售員的話信以為真。對于他說的一切關于汽車、資金籌措及擔保的問題都要去核實。記住,汽車銷售員謀生的手段,就是讓你覺得他們展示給你的車很好。

2. 鮑勃,看,這就是這所學校的行事風格。某些學生因為他們的父母是社區有影響力的成員或學校的捐助者而獲得優惠待遇。對這大驚小怪沒什么好處。我知道你應該在這個劇中出演主角,但是……還是忍忍,努力演好他們給你的角色吧。咬緊牙關,盡你所能,好嗎?

3. 你現在能做的最壞的事也就是把你的挫敗感發泄到孩子身上。我建議你出去,多走走,考慮一下什么才是你生命中真正重要的事。如果你想發泄,去健身房打沙袋吧。

4. 如果你把你母親的批評放在心上,而不是覺得受了冒犯,你就不會把你的生活弄得一團糟。她對你提出了有建設性的批評,但是你太驕傲了,不能接受它。

5. 國會將在勞動節假期后返回華盛頓工作時,開始為醫療衛生立法。克林頓總統仍然表示要在今年推動立法。

II. 1. A:我們什么時候能夠開始做明年的預算?B:我們在周五的員工會議上開始吧,可以嗎?

2. A:特工說這個通道很安全,可以讓戰士們使用。我們沒有辦法確認。我想問你的問題是,雖然我們沒有證據,但我們是否應該相信他的話。B:這個特工為我們工作多長時間了?你問我是否能相信他的保證,可我對他一無所知。他是誰?我們是怎么雇用他的?

3. A:你一定能牢牢記住部長的講話。B:所有人都知道他有一個情婦,并且喜歡酗酒,他的建議或批評很難影響到我。

4. A:邁克爾的父親通過虐待他來發泄自己的怒氣和沮喪。他打他,向他嚷,或非常殘忍地對待他,想讓自己感覺好一點。B:如果我是邁克爾,我就會還手。我就不會讓他拿我發泄。

5. A:環境部長的決定將花去公司至少200萬美元,用于購買新型防治污染的設備。我們可以抗議,但是我建議我們忍氣吞聲。B:是,勇敢地接受,而不是抱怨或找麻煩。這對我們公司的形象更好——我們會忍耐。

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